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Be online - Article
27 NOV 2020


We live in a digital era and that means constantly finding ways to get our hands on what we see on our screens. Being able to purchase anything, anytime from groceries to gadgets is a huge convenience offered by online ordering. The need to order online has also become an essential over a convenience in trying times like these where the pandemic keeps us confined to our homes.

An e-commerce index of key demographic, consumer behavior, and purchasing trends of online shopping in Sri Lanka shows a 1.5X year-on-year growth of active users with a 2.5X growth in the number of orders from last year - 9 July 2020, Daily Mirror

As a business owner, you can minimize the negative effects on your business if you own a large base of online customers. However, if you recently jumped on the e-commerce bandwagon or are considering moving your business into the online sphere, then you’re in luck. With a few simple adjustments your business can grow online orders and reach new customers in no time. Here’s some tips to get your started

  1. A Mobile Friendly Theme
  2. “74% of people will leave a mobile website which requires over 5 seconds to load” - November 2019, Machmetrics

    Let’s say your customer wants to order an extra-large pizza with seafood toppings through their smartphone. Your web store should meet this request and reduce chances of a shopping cart being abandoned due to a time lag. Given that so many customers browse products through their phones; it’s best to ensure that your web store optimizes itself to any mobile screen, and guides the user to complete an order.

  3. Regular Content Engagement
  4. “There are many brands, both B2C and B2B, that have massive followings with no real engagement. The bottom line is your online presence should expand your reach, to ultimately drive more conversions.” - January 2020, Smart insights

    One of the most cost effective mediums to communicate with your customers is social media. It’s important to know what content your customers consume regularly and start relating to them through your messaging. Be consistent, and get creative with fun online challenges, promos and product giveaways. Social media is also a great listening tool to understand how customers feel about your product. The more you communicate, the higher the chances you have of conversion.

  5. Invest in Automation
  6. “Manual stock management in online retailing not only requires a large fraction of your time, but it is challenging too.” - September 2020, Understanding ecommerce

    Free up time for your team to use their talent on what they do best by automating repetitive administrative tasks. Your restaurant could make the best pasta or hand craft beautiful packaging, which requires time and effort. Tasks such as order management, inventory handling and data entry can be digitized by using software which will give you the clarity and time you need to plan your next strategy. Consider this a long term investment that will yield profitable returns.

  7. Segment & Conquer
  8. "One size doesn't fit all" has become the mantra of brand communication." - December 2019,

    So, you researched your audience, launched your products, and you’re ready to market: right? Not necessarily. Marketing can be tricky because customers are complex, just like you and I. You can manage this complexity over time, by segmenting your customers based on physical demographics (age/gender), geo demographics (marital status/job title) and psychographic (personalities/lifestyle). You’re free to decide on the number of segments if they match the customers you are targeting. Remember that the focus is on YOUR MARKET and not on your business.

  9. Consistency is Key
  10. “The more uniform, consistent, and steady your messaging and flow of content, the easier customers and potential customers will be able to recognize your brand” - January 2019, ThriveHive

    You’ve put in the effort, crafted some great content and followed every rule in the book. Yet you still aren’t seeing the results you expected. Our advice? Don’t panic. Creating beautiful eye-catching content is important, but what’s more important is the frequency of quality content seen by your audience. The more visibility, the higher recognition your brand gets online. Keep at it, you’re doing great.

    Conquering the ecommerce landscape is a skill that every business will develop a unique approach to. These 5 tips will serve as guiding principles to help you identify what works for you. Instant results will give you excitement but repeated orders from loyal customers is what sustains your business. Positive reviews will support your business credibility when new customers visit your store; so aim to build trust, create a quality product and give your customer a pleasant overall experience.

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